We hate rules that diminish our right to express ourselves, and are firm believers that some rules were made to be broken. HOWEVER we want to create a party that is open and accepting of everyone, and in order to create that environment, it is really important that we all feel safe. As such, it is necessary to have a certain set of rules in place. If you’re adverse to subculture, and don’t want to be around people that are ‘different’ to you, then we strongly advise you don’t bother buying a ticket.

  1. Our party has a dress code, but the only real requirement is that you make an effort. If you turn up in jeans and a t-shirt you will not gain entry, and we will not refund your ticket. We like fetwear, PVC, leather, jewellery, drag, nipples, boots, colour, latex, naked skin, bondage, nylon, sportswear, metal and lace but mostly we just like expression. Introverts and extroverts are welcome alike, we just ask you step out of the realm of social conformity. Strictly no fancy dress. If you need further inspiration follow us on instagram.

  2. No phones in the dance or play area, please use the chill out area, bathrooms or smoking area to scroll instagram or text your friends. We operate a strict no photos rule, your phone lenses will be covered upon entry. Our one and only LaconicFrank may be floating around taking pictures, but please do not worry, he will always ask for your consent.

  3. We have a zero tolerance policy to harassment of any kind. If you witness harassment or somebody makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, please let one of our monitors know, and the perpetrator will be ejected. They will be wearing fluorescent armbands and are all super wonderful and welcoming.

  4. We know it’s a rave and things get hectic, but do not deliberately touch anyone without consent. Do not push or barge past people, be courteous and kind. NO MEANS NO.

  5. Men: Please be aware of the potential threat level you pose to strangers, do not assume that because you think you are a ‘nice guy’ your presence won’t make others feel uncomfortable or fearful.

  6. We welcome you to use our playroom, we are kink friendly and sex positive. Please read our rules of play before entering, they will be up on the wall near the entrance.

  7. Please play safe, if you need any help or advice please talk to a member of our experienced team, they are there to help you.